Capital-Gain Investments

SafetyNet Accompanies Investors Throughout the Entire Investment Process

From the investor characterization stage through locating the right property for them, to renovation and improvement of the property, all the way to marketing and sale, for maximal returns.

We carry out the process according the “US House Buying Process” aimed at simulating the client’s presence in the US by studying the area and work processes with local expert teams.

מסלול ההשקעה בחברת SafetyNet Group

Meet Our Process

  • Signing a JV agreement with the company
  • Transferring a $2,000 deposit.
  • Transferring proofs of capital according to the requested budget.
Finding a Project and Initial Approval
  • Setting a complete project plan including business plan, area information, renovation information, property video and photos.
  • Initial approval to join the project.
Deep Inspection Period
  • Booking overall, roof, systems and termite inspections
  • Receiving final renovation budget – detailed work, pricing and schedule.
  • Second approval to proceed with purchasing the property.
Closing Period
  • A guarantee from Title that the property has no debts or collateral attachments.
  • Signing an agreement with the contractor on a final work date./li>
  • Closing the property and registering it in the Land Records Office
  • Start of renovation: weekly updates on the renovation (videos and photos), funds paid and future budget.
Marketing for Sale
  • Start of marketing: internet publishing, professional photos, open house with signs and local advertisements
  • Receiving offers and starting negotiations with potential clients.
Approving an Offer and Starting the Sale Process
Inspection and closing period – when selling to a buyer who pays cash, the process takes about a month; when the buyer takes out a mortgage, the process takes about two months.
Closing and Profit Assigning
  • Receiving end-of-deal balance sheets
  • Dividing the profits according to the project’s investment.