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The SafetyNet Group is a private investment firm that has operated in Orlando, Florida since 2012.

The group was established by Michael Zalkind and Avi Sela, both of whom had many years’ experience in purchasing and managing profitable real-estate properties.

Michael Zalkind, CEO and co-owner. Manages the Israel marketing process and specializes in managing and accompanying the investor from the very first moment all the way to the end. His rich and versatile business experience includes managing hundreds of employees, organizational development and consultation for leading companies, and managing real-estate investments in Florida, Texas and Europe.

Michael is well-learned and has developed uncompromisingly high service awareness, guaranteeing a professional and thorough process for every investor or potential client.

Avi Sela, CEO and co-owner, company broker. Manages US investments from end-to-end. Avi has years of experience analyzing and locating opportunities in the American market, with a vast technical background as a renovation and construction project manager in the US. Avi accompanies the transaction from the locating stage to sale/lease, with an eye for details and the ability to maximize investment finances for the highest profits.

The company aspires to create passive and steady income as well as future security for its clients.

During its operational years, the company has purchased hundreds of properties for local and international investors. The company is known for its reliable, transparent and professional service towards its clients. The company specializes in both long-term and quick-sale rental projects .

With every investment, we strive to locate high-potential properties, with minimal risks.

SafetyNet-מיכאל ואבי עם נוף באורלנדו

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